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. >> another traffic issue is in san jose. the c.h.p. is investigating a body found on interstate 280. this is a look at the scene. the coroner arrived at the southbound side of 280 near the off-ramp. you can see a heavy c.h.p. presence there after the body was found in the lanes before 3:30 this morning. we are told it is the body of a woman, not known if she was lit by cars on the friend or died some other way. there is a sig-alert in affect. >> what can drivers do in san jose and sausalito to try to get around the situation? >> this is live shot of sky 7 at wall drove grade. the best way i think to get around this is the golden gate ferry, you can take the bay bridge and. cog around but the jamup is expensive, and backed up into sausalito. can you get through sausalito on surface streets but that will be a major jam up. as far as the south bay, the accident, the fatal accident southbound 280, that accident also is blocking the three right lanes and the best alternate is to take southbound 280 to northbound 880 and northbound 880 to southbound 101 and sig-alert in san jose southboun
:45 to the public memorial in san jose. can you see members of sheriff department is gathering, the motorcade will be two miles along, a tribute to the two officers killed in the line of duty by an armed suspect. the flag-draped caskets were part of a public viewing with hundreds of mounters came to pay respects to the officers who protected their community for many years. >> first time here that our local officers were gunned down the it is a terrible thing. >> i am paying my respects. it is a good thing people are coming down here and supporting the local police officers. >> public viewing sites will watch the memorial here at santa cruz. kaiser permanente arena opens at 10:00 a.m. and they will show the service live. the delmar theater opens at 11 a.m. with parking at depot park free and the hook-and-ladder trucks will be staged on all overpasses teen santa cruz and san jose with american flags to on the fall were officers. >> cornell, thank you. thousands of people are expected to turnout for the actual memorial service which is at h.p. pavillion in san jose, with a live look outside at p
, a cool spot. san jose is 51 and here is san jose, it is clear here as we look at 17, and 280, and santa rosa is 44 and napa is 46 and 48 in fairfield. if you leave cupertino, dress for 49, and livermore and hayward is 50. here is what will happen, we have the thicker high clouds with limited fog and a dry week, with wet weather, finally in the forecast for next week and that means sierra snow. fog in the low clouds dissipate an hour to an hour and a half quicker today but stubborn at the coast with clouds opening up for sunshine there in your neighborhoods and you will still be stuck in the 50's while most of us are in the 60's and 70's. we have low-to-mid 70's in the south bay with milpitas and santa clara and san jose at 72. we disaster in the low 70's in the peninsula and drop to the mid-60's for millbrae, upper 60's at the coast and mid-to-upper 60's in downtown and south san francisco and low-to-mid 70's through the north bay valley and sausalito is 69, and near 60 for your beaches. we will have 68 to 70 degrees, our spread on the east bay shoreline from oakland, richmond , and her
it develops. we are live in san jose for abc7 news. >> thank you at 6:02. and now the weather forecast. mike? >> a dry start. good morning, everyone, no need for the umbrellas we are looking at temperatures that are going to be warmer the next couple of days. my microphone has slipped off my tie. and now, the day planner for the bay, waking up in the mid-40's with more sunshine by noon and near 60 and mid-60's, very gorgeous day to be outside, and, still, around 60 at 7:00 this evening, and, headed to the inland valleys it will be warmest after being cool, and by noon we are in the mid-60's, a fast warming, and low 70's in the afternoon hours and we will pull back in the mid-60's by 7:00. at the coast, it will be a little bit cooler with a few clouds this morning and 42. we will hang around the upper 50's at noon and seasonal temperatures and the low 60's for the afternoon with high clouds and sunshine and 57 degrees and cooler at the coast during the 7:00 hour. have a great day. >> we will do a live shot at 80 through berkeley move into the macarthur maze it is crowded but mo
arrested him but he fought extra diction to the united states. he was eventually released. >> san jose-based cisco systems is letting go 500 employees. they report the lays offs took place this week. cisco is confirming the layoffs, which are called a realignment. they employ 73,000 people worldwide. some sources say those most affected were involved with data center business development. >> facebook is ready for another big announcement, sending out this individual station to reporter at company headquarters next thursday april 4th. the invitation says "come see our new home on droid." the event is likely related to the recent push into droid systems. until a few months ago facebook focused mobile efforts around apple's inno one. >> pilgrims and tourists from around the world are descending on holy sites in jerusalem for easter week. ♪ jesus remember me >> they believe jesus was crucified on this good friday and resurrected on easter sunday. hundreds of christians packed crumb judgment's holy sepulchre in the hold city of jerusalem and attend another mass in bethlehem where jesus is
in san jose where police are on the scene of a fatal shooting involving a man in a stolen car. police say the man sped away from officers in unmarked police cars and the chase ended in unincorporated east san jose when the man put the car in reverse and sped toward an officer standing outside his car. they say the officer fired a slot and hit the suspect in the head. abc7 news reporter has an update in 30 minutes. >> we are learning new details of a child care center that was suddenly shut down by state regulators last friday. it involved the universal preschool formally known as the sunny side infant and preschool. state regulators found a number of violations including an infant sleeping in a high chair, a worker without a proper background check, more children than the school is licensed to care for and the improper restraining of children. photos were shown of the babies swaddled with a blanket tied around the body and another around their ankles. >> always been very nice until this happened and then it has been lie after lie when you try to get a refund and suddenly they say they onl
teacher is facing child endangerment charges and will be in court later today here in san jose. parents of kids of the preschool are absolutely stunned by the news. police say this woman, 59 -year-old would lives here has worked on-and-off at the academy in morgan for five years but 20 years in child care. authorities believe she spiked a sippy cup of the children that were one and two. she was fired on-the-spot. >> she was preparing water and the co-worker witnessed her putting something in the water, in the sippy cups. >> i was sick to my stomach. i want to throw up. i am...sad. it is disturbing. >> the owner of the academy said in a statement the safety and welfare of children is the a top priority. our staff have chosen early childhood education because of their love of working with children. we do not know how many children may have been given the pills but all are okay. police have no motive for the crime other than wanting to get kids to go to sleep. we are live in san jose this morning for abc7 news. >> happening now, extra police officers will be at foothill high school this mo
san jose are accused much stealing a car and running from cops. the 14-year-old boy behind the wheel ran from police near foster city. >> people hoping to reduce gun violence are planning event across the country today. today marks the national day to demand action. a bay area group is planning to rally outside the san francisco office of senator feinstein this morning in support of her efforts to pass legislation against gun violence. more than 100 ever helps have are planned across the country. the obama administration says it is not giving up on assault weapons ban although senate majority leader harry reid says there are not enough votes to support it in the senate. >> the concord city council is banning residents from growing medical marijuana in their yard. the city council voted unanimously to pass the ordinance on tuesday after discussing and debating the demand for several months amending the city code to prohibit all outdoor marijuana growing even for medical purposes. the ordinance was models after one and jones -- and joins others that limit outdoor cultivation. >> drug s
the guy. >> san jose police are still trying to recover all the items that were tossed out of the car by the driver during the chase, including a possible weapon. if anyone happens to come across any of those items, they are urged to call san jose police so they can collect them as evidence. in san jose, abc7 news. >> new this morning fire crews in campbell of work to go clean up a big mess caused by a small fire that broke out last night inside our residential high-rise for seniors. no one was injured, but some residents are being helped by the red cross because their homes are damaged. the fire was minor, contained to just one 12th-floor apartment. it set off of the sprinkler system that quickly put out the flames but the water drained all the way down through all twelve floors directly below. firefighters had to go floor by floor checking the damage. >> trying to ascertain how many of the units are damaged to the point that the occupants are displaced. most people are obviously going to be fine. >> those seniors fortunate enough to be allowed to go back home had to climb the stairs
together to honor them. officers, dignitary, friends and family filled san jose's h.p. pavilion yesterday to remember and celebrate the lives of detective sergeant loran "butch" baker and detective elizabeth butler. the two were shot and killed by sexual assault suspect making them the first santa cruz police officers to be killed in the line of duty. >> two heroes. two friends. taken from us far too soon at the hands of a madman. this is the touching tribute outside the h.p. pal beyond, uniformed officers raising their hand in salute at the hearses carrying the bodies. >> the 24-year-old driver under arrest for the death of a high school student is scheduled to be in court and charged with driving under the influence and killing a 17-year-old khan and faces up to 10 years in prison. chang was walking across the boulevard at vale avenue on saturday night and she was hit. she was on the track team at high school. the teammate wore green ribbons which was her favorite color, at the meatier. >> bill clinton is doing an about face on same-sex marriage calling on the supreme court to overturn
is at 48. walnut creek and oakland is warmer at 49, and 47 in san jose, and palo alto at 43 and mill valley is 42 degrees. the port of oakland, from mount tamalpais this morning, you can see santa rosa is 43 and napa at 44, and along with los gatos and 48 in fairfield and hayward and livermore right now is at 46. here is how it looks in tahoe, no snow there. they set record highs wednesday and thursday. in tahoe it was 69 and then 68 and today will fall short. we will have extra sunshine so it will be eight degrees warmer in san francisco and two in oakland, and fremont the be at 68 which is four degrees cooler than yesterday. santa clara and milpitas are at 70 in the santa clara valley, and mid-70's for a lot of other foes like gilroy and morgan hill and los gatos and mid-to-upper 60's if the peninsula and menlo park at 71, and half moon bay at 59 and you head toward daly city, the same, mid-60's in downtown and south san francisco, and north bay beaches right around 60 degrees and more should cover here, more sunshine inland and low-to-mid 70's. 70 today in oakland and berkeley and low do
to half an inch. highs are cooler compared to yesterday. upper 60s in san jose, 68 for you there. look for 63 in redwood city. 62 in downtown san francisco. mid-60s in lot of areas in the north bay. 66 in san rafael. look for low 60s through richmond and upper 60s if intreer your valleys. here is accu-weather seven-day forecast. have those rain boots, shower gear ready. you will likely use them but you saw when you can expect breaks. if you want to do something outdoors, lingering into tomorrow with leftover showers and then drying out really beautiful on tuesday and wednesday looking pretty good, as well. another storm system coming in late wednesday night bringing showers on thursday and more unsettled weather returns next weekend. we have another great weather resource for you. follow live doppler on twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions, rain or shine. plus get video forecasts and spare the air alerts and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. >> carolyn: you are on that team. i appreciate you telling people when they can expect a little bit of a break there.
reflects a statewide trend. san jose ranks fifth among america's safest large cities. >>> a famous berkeley restaurant owner is hoping to be back in business in the next week or so after spendth night making repairs to the iconic he connecticut. the main upstairs diningupathyoeÑ the panisse. >> what better place to go for your birthday. that was the plan. we are lucky we live down the street. so we will come back. >> the fire start the just after 3:00 in the morning. the apparent cause is a faulty electrical box under the front porch. main dining room upstairs is fine thanks to a sprinkler system bum the will be some repair work. it opened in 1971 and is theath reopen next weekend. >> throughout the evening people stopped to look at the damage including one woman who had her wedding kinner here. >> my husband said it burnt down and i said no! it looks like it is going to be all right. >> there was another fire here almost 31 years ago to the day. insurance will cover the repair work here, as well as the salar
in livermore, half moon bay three miles. you notice from san carlos, mountain view and san jose, not bad, but we have the cloudy skies there. we are looking at low pressure to the east of us. high pressure off the coast. this setup brings the breezy conditions and still the jet stream, a little bit of rain well to the north. eventually that will be pushing to the south and we will get a look at the wet weather system heading our way into tuesday. but dry conditions for the weekend. so if you like it sunny and you have some plans, outdoor plans for the weekend, it should be a good couple of days. we will start our computer animation tonight. you will notice that the clouds to the north and the rain up in oregon stays to the north. once again we will break out into sunshine and breezy conditions right on through the afternoon on sunday. so expect high temperatures today around the bay ranging in the upper 50s half moon bay. 70 for our friends in san jose. vallejo, 68 in san francisco. of course, st. patrick's day celebrating today downtown with all the green. as you head on through your mo
victims. joel kaufman coaches a traveling baseball team for those boys based in san jose. we will have more in the next half hour. >> in beforeally activistses calling attention to a type of building found across the bay area. the buildings are in danger of collapsing during an earthquake the. >> imagine someone saying if there is an earthquake your home is not safe. that is the message tenants getting. this apartment building is on dwight way and it is not up to code. the focus is on so-called soft story structures, buildings with large openings on the ground level for garages built in the 50's and 60's, and it has been on the books to require the landlords do bring the buildings to code but many are just not moving fast enough. now, there is a door-to-door of the to get the word out to tenants. >> did you know we this building is not safe? >> i d. >> you moved in any way? >> my friends convinced me. >> at any moment the tons of concrete could crush me and kill thousands of people. we are stuck in bureaucratic maze. we are going nowhere. >> the city housing will meet on monday and tal
and h.p. pavilion in san jose is a host arena, cacal and st. mary's received invitations facing middle tennessee in a game dome -- game in dayton, ohio. the bears are the 12000 seed and face 5th seated unlv at h.p. pavilion but i hear the bears facing tough competition. >> i am happy although my school is not part of this. there is always next year. >> the controversial hand gesture, we will show you it is getting a professional athlete a lifetime ban from playing soccer for his country. >> california law enforcement wants to crackdown on distracting driving but some say it will not work. >> we have a live look outside, remark is moving on our walnut creek traffic camera, traffic and weather together are next as the abc7 morn >> we are back at 6:10. temperatures are cooler just about everywhere but oak is the same. fairfield is a degree warmer. novato is 11 degrees cooler than yesterday. same at half moon bay. san jose is about four degrees cooler. 44 in san jose and hair and concord. 47 in san francisco. upper 30's throughout the north bay valley. temperatures today under increasing h
at the limit and word of a new injury accident, north 101 at san jose, we will update that in the next few minutes. kristen and eric? >> looking ahead a few hours to traffic news, the devil slide tunnel on highway one opens tonight after the evening commute bypassing the landslide prone section of highway one. you can see the new tunnels from above, with drivers passing safely through the middle of the mountain and avoid the cliff hangar road which often closes for months at a time. ribbon cutting is scheduled for 11:00 this morning and abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield has more in 30 minutes. >> golden gate bridge crews are working to install 27' sign above the toll plaza this morning to let drivers know that soon paying with cash will no longer be an option. starting on wednesday, the bridge will in longer take cash and there will be no human toll takers. drives have to sign up for fast track, register a credit card account, or expect a bill after they cross. also starting on wednesday the toll plaza speed limit increases to 25 miles per hour up from the recommended five miles per hour n
. >>> and a live look outside as we take a look at things in san jose. we'll look at weather and traffic next as the abc 7 morning news continu >>> good wednesday morning to you. as you head outside temperatures are very mild. we have a good deal of cloud cover. numbers have dropped to the low 40s in napa. elsewhere with upper 40s and lower 50s. we are 4 to 5 degrees warmer this morning with the cloud cover. as you head on out, increasing clouds with a chance of showers. we're only talking about very little rain. trace amounts. probably just in the higher elevations. with a few peeks of sun, mild around the bay with mid 60s in oakland returning today. inland a few upper 60s. along the shore line with the fog, upper 50s. so the chance of showers today, tomorrow we're dry on friday. better chance of rain on saturday. sue? >> thanks. we'll go back now to san jose. this is 280 headed in the northbound direction snaking from san jose. the headlights headed past the 17/ 17/880 overcrossing toward cupertino. everybody is at the limit here. it is dark with that full moon. even with cloud cover keepin
back to san jose and c.h.p. updated the location of the motorcycle accident north 285, a motorcycle hit the center divide and we also have very slow traffic through the walnut creek area southbound 680 with an accident blocking the right lane. kristen and eric? >> a bay area business is try dog cash in on the possible labor day weekend run that could take place on the new bay bridge. the chronicle reports that women's running retailer is now offering a 14-week training course for the possible rain with a cost of $150 and the training course includes weekly training sessions, lessons and injury prevention and running gear. they admit there may not be a race. the discussions over the opening of the bridge are still taking place. we are counting the days until the new bridge opens. you can see we are 174 days away >> ahead, the simple steps can you take to make sure that the h.d. picture or your tv pops out. >> what yahoo c.e.o. is now insisting on before hiring any [ female announcer ] there's a great way to make just about anything delicious. simply add jif chocolate flavored hazelnut sp
bridge right now. low clouds over san francisco. it's 52 degrees currently. oakland 55. san jose 55, as well. santa cruz at 53 degrees. another live shot for you, san mateo bridge visibility, not a problem at all. temperatures in the 50s for most everyone with 54 in napa. here is what you can expect for today. we've got the clouds and fog again this morning. not quite as thing as yesterday morning's fog. chance of showers mainly coming tonight. that is changing. we're pushing the showers back into overnight hours, as well. wet unfortunately for easter sunday. here is an area of low pressure. this is slowly moving towards the bay area. that is what is going to bring in the rain tomorrow mainly. that is when we'll see the heaviest rain. the timing of it pretty good for today. if you have plans outdoors. check it out. by lunchtime, just cloud cover but areas in green looking fairly dry for a lot of outdoor activity. even by 5:00 tonight it's dry. then we have the chance of light rain showers moving in late tonight and overnight we'll see more of the heavier rain, areas of yellow hittin
to kill arriving deputies. >>> developing news in san jose where police continue to look for a killer. the man stabbed a woman to death yesterday afternoon just a few blocks from the santa clara county sheriff's office. john alston has more from north first street. >> the brutal stabbing happened in broad day light just after 2:30 in the afternoon in the parking lot next to the togo sandwich shop. matt was eating lunch when he heard a commotion and ran out to help the woman slashed on her neck and arms. >> i held her head up and kept pressure on it. i said, who did this? can you give me a name, any name? and she couldn't really talk. >> he, too, was covered in blood when the paramedics arrived. >> i feel it was horrible for her to have to die that way, and i just hope by me being there maybe it wasn't as bad way to die. >> he walked to north second street where he was doing handiwork and had to convince police he was not the killer. police say the real culprit hopped the fence and ran through this neighborhood where detectives found blood in front of some homes. the detectives came by
from the shot from san jose. we will maintain a check on traffic now and keep you up to date. kristen? >> developing news from southern california. a large brushfire continues to burn in riverside county. katie marzullo is tracking the battle. are there still evacuations? >> voluntary evacuation order in effect. firefighters are dealing with low humidity, 10 percent, wind gusts up to 25 miles per hour and mike nicco is saying the wind advisory until 2:00 has been extended until 4:00 this afternoon and it will be 85 degrees down there today so a hot one. we have live pictures for you right now with the flames sparse as the sun comes up. we know there are 200 firefighters on the ground keeping a close eye on the hot spots zooming in on them. the fire is still fierce. look at this video from the newsroom the last 30 minutes, palm trees are burning and embers are trying making for dangerous conditions for the nearby homes which are quarter of a mile away and some neighborhoods are under voluntary evacuation orders. the flames broke out and the fire unwithed 150 acres, also 2,000 people ar
there. i heard them say "face on the ground." that is gunfire from another shooting in san jose where a suspect tried to ram three police cars. it was one of several shootings involving bay area police in 24 hours including union city where an armed suspect was slot and killed, and daly city where a daly city police officer shot and killed a suspect near candlestick park after police say he raised his gun at officers. that began with a chase involving a stolen car. now, police officers across the bay area were not injureed. >> thank you, cornell we have developing news from the south bay in campbell, investigators wrapped up at scene of a homicide a short time ago. after 10:00 last night, police responded to a report of a shooting they found 18-year-old richard vega suffering from gunshot wounds. he was rushed to santa clara valley medical center where he died. abc7 news reporter, amy hollyfield, will have more in the next half hour from the scene. >> cardiac arrest is the cause of death for an athlete competing in the 33rd escape from alcatraz triathalon in san francisco. the 46-year
at the can carlos airport. 47 san jose as well as half moon bay. here's a look at the 24 hour temperature change. the blue-green shading indicator of the cooler start in oakland. livermore, san jose, mountain view warmer newspaper the north bay. so overall today very much like yesterday. that breeze kicked up out of the northwest in the afternoon. today, though, we are absent of fog. we are starting out clear. as a result the warming gets underway wicker. sunny and breezy. rain will arrive by tuesday late. looks like the tuesday evening commute will be dry. high pressure sitting offshore once again, allowing for the pattern to remain very much the same. so we are looking at the sunshine. maybe a few high clouds, but overall really nice looking day. temperatures anywhere from five to ten degrees above the average. 66 in yosemite. the falls keep going there with the snowmelt. 77 fresno, upper 70s monterey, low 60s san diego. taking you back home low 60s this afternoon. san francisco, upper 60s from the peninsula, palo alto, and about 70 today. san jose 72 in couldn't cruz. northwest winds t
were shut down for the investigation. all lanes reopened just after two. >>> the hunt for a san jose murder suspect is now state-wide. police are looking for 25-year-old juan ramirez, who is wanted in friday's fatal stabbing of his ex-girlfriend abc7 news reporter lisa amin guleziana has the story. >> reporter: they arrived with candles, crosses and condolences. they are mourning the loss of their friend and family member, sandra gonzales. the young mother was stabbed to death a few feet from her home on north first street. now the manhunt is on for juan ramirez, the ex-boyfriend. he's 29 years old. >> the suspect and the victim had a dating relationship that ended up two years ago. he's apparently been trying to talk our victim for the last double years, multiple encounters with the police, reporting this type of activity. >> they said she lived here with her ten-year-old son. she was outside a few feet away in the parking lot when ramirez stabbed her, stabbing her in the head and arms. >> held her head up, kept pressure on it and i said who did this? can you give me a name, any nam
" in san jose to .8" in san to rose but still anywhere from 2.5" to 5" down. we have breezes out there that will taper through the day and our best chance of showers, now, through the next, say, hour or two, we will get a break but an isolated shower is possible and isolated shower but mostly dry at 4:00 to 7:00. >> you are talking rain and you are talking snow, and this is what it looks like in tahoe this morning, this new video just in from blue canyon in the sierra, while the rest of the bay area braces for rain they are expecting white out conditions today, so very difficult driving, bring your chains if you plan to go up and take advantage of the slopes, more than a foot of snow is expected to foot between now and the weekend, the first significant snow fall since december so fresh powder. >> happening now the capitol is very much on storm watch, up to 5" of know is expected in washington, dc today. as we learn, thousands of flights across the country are canceled. >> good morning to you, katie. we have been getting a rain and snow mix this morning. it started at midnight an
for the detect he have butler and detective baker will be held thursday at noon at hp pavilion in san jose. also a scholarship fund has been established in honor the officers. officers have already committed $125,000 to the fund. if you want to make a donation, go to our website and click on "see it on tv" at the top of our home page. >> dealing news out of washington. across the board federal budget cuts known as the sequester are here. last night the president signed billions of dollars of cuts and dollars of cuts and people are bracing for the impact. we have the details. >> before president obama signed the order to start $85 billion in automatic spending cuts, people across the country prepared for the worst. at mount rushmore national memorial, that means no hiring for the busy summer season and no more traveling for park staffers either. at fort bragg, spending cuttings are already in place and thousands of workers in central texas will feel the most pain from the budget cuts. >> our employees have been, you know, really confused and shattered by what could happen. >> and along with worri
of the crime spike. according to the san jose police department, property crimes city-wide are up, nearly 30%. in 2012 auto thefts also jumped up 71%. in the meantime the city's police department continues to struggle with staffing levels. currently there are the 78 -- nine hundred seventy eight officers and a year ago that were fourteen hundred. >> that's probably number one -- more police officers. patrolling. >> he did not want to be identified. his neighborhood home was burglarized recently. he, like so many others, want more police officers on the streets and now his neighborhood is also taking action. >> with the police department stretched so thin, the eden neighborhood association has started a volunteer neighborhood watch program. >> retirees patrol the streets daily. the mayor released his budget message and plans to hire 100 more officers this year. a point he stressed at the state of the city address last month. >> my priority for the coming here will be public safety. >> but the police officers union doesn't buy it. they say residents are the ones hardest hit. >> they are paying
in the mid-60's for present and 65 in san jose and 63 in the north bay and 67 half moon bay and we will be back in dry conditions tomorrow with a chance of showers on thursday and warmer on friday and here comes a chance of rain on saturday and it looks wet for eater. sue? >> good morning. celebrating the brand new tunnel at devil's slide tunnel, you can see the headlights coming through with cars making their way and it is a wonderful way to get to the coast, now, or into pacifica and traffic is light. that was a long time in the making. back to fremont, better news now, with three split accidents there this morning and right now southbound 880 with five cars all moved off to the shoulder, so you can see the red light of slow traffic remains and taking a look at eastbound, road work than picked up, and just about five minutes ago, westbound, look at the slow line of traffic, which is typical from antioch to lis'burg and -- pittsburg and it looks good from pittsburg into concord. >> and a tv show is now part of a real life criminal investigation. >> cleaning pet hair is a real chor
a man suspected of breaking into a woman's bedroom in san jose. the woman called 9-1-1 after waking up to an intruder at 3:00 this morning on south brook drive. police say the suspect is 29-year-old, a registered sex offender on parole for burglary. he had women's underwear in his pocket and was listening to san jose police scanners on the cell phone. he was wearing an ankle bracelet and is in custody. >> an assault rifle stolen from an unmarked san francisco police car is recovered but police are not saying were. the ar-15 was taken from an unmarked car, and officials say that the car was parked and locked while officers were working in the south of market neighborhood. someone broke in the car and stole it. the ar-15 is only issued to specially trained officers. >> two bay area cities considering major gun control measures today. the san francisco board of supervisors is looking at two proposals, one requiring ammunition dealers to contact the he of police when anyone in san francisco brings more than 500 rounds in a single transaction and a crime to sell ammunition designates only t
, oakland, san jose, and palo alto low-to-mid 50's. mill valley is still at 49 degrees and as we look at the east bay hills from our bay bridge camera we are looking to the east, looking at temperatures or feeling temperatures at 49 in santa rosa and low-to-mid 50's for napa and hayward and los gatos so a mild start to a day with waves of line rain this morning, tapering in the afternoon, and we will be breezy and bright on thursday and friday with another chance of rain before we round out this. the cool front is the last push for this system, the warm front brought us the rain yesterday and overnight and now the cold front will bring us the final round. here you go with the rain, showing up well on the commuter model at 7:00 in the thought bay and with the cold front pushing it through the heart of the bay to the south bay as we head through noon and to the afternoon hours you can see it becomes scattered nature and during the evening the dry air moves in and we will wake up clear tomorrow with patchy fog and a lot sunshine back in the forecast. if we are lucky with the cold front p
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